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About Hakeem.Cloud

An advanced cloud computing platform to automate the public and private health medical sector, hospitals, health centers, medical clinics, radiology centers and health laboratories


Hakeem.Cloud platform was established to provide integrated medical and health solutions at competitive prices and with technical services of a high level of quality, taking advantage of what has been achieved by the modern and contemporary information and communication technology sector.


Our goal is to provide doctors, medical clinics, health centers, hospitals, radiology centers and medical laboratories with modern, advanced, flexible medical systems with a high return on investment and a low total cost.

Name Origin

The word “Hakeem” means the doctor to whom the patient is referred, so wisdom correlates with judgment to save the patient from his disease. As for the word Cloud, it is the foreign name for cloud computing.

Our name reflects our ability to deliver our advanced medical systems via the Internet to anywhere to take advantage of the advantages of high speed, reliability, high performance and cost-effectiveness of our modern and contemporary medical systems.


We provide medical clinics with clinic management software to organize their work, help book appointments, follow up with patients, and organize their affairs.

We provide hospitals with electronic medical systems to organize their work and the work of hospital facilities, emergency departments, surgery and operations.

We provide medical laboratories with systems to automate the conduct of tests and analyzes, the extraction of results, the audit of results, and the notification of patients and auditors of their results.

We provide medical radiology centers with fast, modern and contemporary systems that help the medical staff to conduct radiological examinations, store images and attachments, send them to the interested doctor, and notify the patient of their results.

We provide dentists with interactive dental systems that allow entering operations and procedures, attaching illustrations and details of the dental treatment plan, and the flexibility of dealing with various international numberings and internationally recognized symbols for milk and non-milk teeth.

‏Our clients

Our medical computer platform operates health institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, the Arab Republic of Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and other countries in the Middle East and the Arab world.


Hakeem Cloud (Hakeem.Cloud) since 2014 has connected health professionals, doctors, general practitioners (GP) and medical clinics and centres with their patients through modern, cost effective and advanced digital services.

Hakeem.Cloud Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Radiology Information Software (RIS), Laboratory Information Software (LIS), Hospital Information Software (HIS) and Dental Practice Software and System have been widely adopted by regional and local health care providers.

Hakeem.Cloud software design and architecture simple approach and philosophy have contributed to the productivity and satisfaction of the health professionals and the medical staff who use Hakeem.Cloud software and services on daily basis.

Hakeem.Cloud has become the strategic and trusted digital health service provider for local and regional health care providers to manage sensitive medical records and patients critical data in secure environment.

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